Introducing IBX
  • The IBX tokens are a unique Inter banking solutions that provide secure, high-volume transfers on the Ethereum Blockchain in real time.
  • IBX tokens are a convenient payment method for financial institutions, companies, organizations, individuals and other private & institutional clients to process border-less, high-volume transfers, in a secure and seamless environment.
  • Each IBX Token represents a non-volatile stable value of 1 IBXUS Token = $1,000,000 (USD) or 1 IBXEU Token = € 1,000,000 (EUR) with a market capitalization of EUR/USD which is 100% cash backed.
  • Clients are able to execute over the counter transactions at any time, in a professional, secure, seamless and reliable environment.

Why IBX?

The Worlds First Decentralized Inter-Banking Token,
Solving Border-less High-Volume Fund Transfers

100% compliant through regulated & established financial service provider

Safe, fast & border-less high-volume fund transfers through blockchain solutions

100% cash-backed liquidity which can be accessed anytime

Providing the highest level of security, privacy & data protection

Leveraging the Returns of the IBX Revenue

SBC Global Native Token “SBC”

20% of the IBX revenue is used to market buy SBC and is allocated into a yield pool, rewarding long term holders and supporters.


8,000,000 SBC Token
  • 8% Fund Raise
  • 8% Private Sale
  • 15% Public Sale
  • 12.5% Marketing & Development
  • 12.5% SBC Global
  • 45% Public Liquidity
  • SBC is the native token of SBC Global and represents investors sentiment towards the SBC use case and performance
  • Through the specialized incentive program the number of investors is constantly increasing, generating an additional multi million dollar market capitalization
  • The SBC token will be introduced with a pre-sale IPO and not to be missed public launch event
Our Strategy and Project Plan


Blockchain Finance Solutions

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

Georg Juhasz, CEO
Jaco Verloop, COO